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Coaching facilité par le cheval EquiLab Delphine Dépy Carron

Delphine Dépy Carron, PhD

Neuroscientist and certified coach, I have been accompanying leaders and their teams for nearly 20 years to reinvent themselves and succeed in their projects of innovation.


During my research on intelligence, I discovered how animal intelligence can be a powerful source of inspiration and development for humans. Regularly solicited to accompany the leaders and their teams in the development of their emotional intelligence, their leadership, their relational intelligence, their creativity, I put them in relation with the horses, at a key stage of these accompaniments, in order to accelerate awareness and promote sustainable behavioral change.

I speak French and English

Certified Executive Coaching Expertise and Perfecting - HEC Paris Executive Education

Trained in horse-assisted coaching - Aynooa

Lecturer HEC Paris Executive Education

Delphine Dépy Carron

Natalie Remus

Marketing Director in a real estate group, I am responsible for the Management and piloting of innovation, digital and corporate projects.
I support the development of collective intelligence and team cohesion. I am also involved in managerial development and change management and lead missions allowing “professional mourning”.
My intervention themes are non-verbal communication, authority in management, cooperation, shared trust and performance, and relationship quality and professional efficiency.
I provide training, offer advice in HRD and am asked to provide coaching and support assisted by the horse. I speak in French, English or German.

Executive Coach certified HEC Paris Executive Education

Trained in coaching facilitated by EquiLab horses
HEC Paris Executive Education speaker
DESS in international economics
Master in Strategic Management

Natalie Remus.jpg

Anne-Gabrielle Planchard

AGP Coaching

I have been working since 2014 as a coach and trainer for companies on the subjects of management, communication and personal development.

I worked for 17 years as a Manager in companies of various sizes and sectors. An in-depth knowledge of the business world and the issues underlying it, team management and change management allow me to support managers, their teams and organizations towards performance and as closely as possible of their concerns.

I love to think outside the box and can spend hours thinking about how to convey a theoretical concept through a life-changing experience that will facilitate understanding and ownership.

Passionate about horses, I also offer innovative training courses facilitated by the Horse, on the themes of management, communication, sales, team cohesion ...

Certified professional coach - Linkup Coaching

Trained in horse-assisted coaching - Aynooa

Lecturer HEC Paris Executive Education

DESS Statistical and Numerical Engineering

Anne Gabrielle Planchard

Tarja Vartiainen

Tarja Vartiainen Consulting

I am passionate about team development, team cohesion and authentic leadership.

After more than 20 years in management positions in international companies in Paris, New York and London, I created my own company to follow my heart and put my passion at the service of managers and their teams, with the aim of improving their performance and developing their capacities.

Finnish by birth and culture, I embody Nordic expertise and authenticity as well as "sisu", the untranslatable Finnish word for "unyielding determination, resilience, courage, fearlessness, strong will, and humility". 

I am the co-owner of the Haras des Ecus where trotters are bred.

I speak in French, English and Finnish.



Certified Executive Coach HEC Paris Executive Education

Trained in Horses and Coaching®
Speaker at HEC Paris Executive Education

Certified MBTI - DISC

Tarja Vartiainen
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